Camozzi Advanced Manufacturing

The excellence of advanced manufacturing

The excellence of advanced manufacturing

CAM - Camozzi Advanced Manufacturing center - is the Camozzi Group’s technological hub that showcases its state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and digital platforms.
It is a fully operational and ready-for-business center where customers can develop and validate innovative manufacturing processes, ensure the continuity of production and access complete parts and components, even before they finalize the acquisition of the machines.

The ability to obtain a workpiece produced and finished on the CAM additive, composite and subtractive manufacturing systems, on the basis of the exact requirements, is a fundamental step that allows customers to transition towards a new and more efficient internal production workflow.

CAM supports its customers from the design concept, to the feasibility study, all the way to the finished product, monitoring the whole process step-by-step within its digital platforms.


CAM’s mission is to become the European hub where entrepreneurs and innovators network and venture to make manufacturing of large structures feasible, practical, competitive, and sustainable.


The CAM shop floor spans for over 24,000 m2 divided in 3 parallel bays 310 m long, 76 m wide, 27 m tall, logistically equipped for the efficient and safe handling of large structures.
The office building spans for over 3,600 m2, 3-story office-building containing open and private working spaces.
CAM promotes and enables circular economy selecting processes and materials aimed at achieving a sustainable future for advanced manufacturing through the exchange of energy, water and resource streams and recovering and reusing waste in the industrial processes.


For the Camozzi Group, research and development are strategic activities at the core of its identity. 
The Camozzi Research Center (CRC) hosted in the CAM facility is unmatched in Europe for technology applications, for large-scale manufacturing, for cyber physical systems, and for automated production lines.
Through CRC the Camozzi Group maintains long-term partnerships with companies, organizations and institutions involved in research and innovation. Discover our Research Networking.


  • Space
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Naval
  • Energy
  • Heavy industry
  • Automotive
MasterPrint® 5X
MasterPrint 5X
MasterPrint ® 5X is Ingersoll Machine Tools’ 5 axes version of its MasterPrint ® 3D printer
PowerMax® T
PowerMax® T
Innovative large manufacturing center for Titanium and Tough material Applications   
Surface Milling Machine
Surface Milling Machine
Automated milling equipment for Aluminum plates machining and superior finishing

Camozzi Advanced Manufacturing